The Guarantee

The Guarantee

There are no guaranteed outcomes of course.
Yet, I can guarantee you that the following is true:


I want good things for you.

If you aren’t benefitting from treatment, I may be the first one to let you know that. If that day comes, we can problem solve together. . .even if that means helping you find another psychologist or clinician.

I will communicate with you straightforwardly.

We may live in uncertainty, but your life and well-being are too valuable for guesswork with your healthcare providers.

You have my unconditional positive regard.

We have all been hurt in life, but I am here to help. . .for your good. 

Vulnerability is often uncomfortable. . .but essential to wellbeing.

This is a safe context for you to deal with your discomfort in life.

Therapy isn’t all about pain and tears.

Chances are. . .we will do some laughing too. Yes, I said we.

Your life has purpose and value.

Whether you feel that, or believe that, or not. . .  It’s true.

You have a future, and there are good things waiting for you there.

You can find that. I’ve seen people do this every day. . .for years.

Grace & Peace to You. . .& those you Love,
Heather Gilliam, PsyD