TelePsychology gives us the opportunity to do more with less travel, less waiting, and less disruption in your daily life.

TelePsychology is the categorization for care offered through Talk. Eat. Live. Heal. – Psychological Health Services. This categorization is based on provider credentials, training, and practice experience.

Telehealth allows us to provide therapy and other psychological health services to our patients via live video conferencing. This can be done anywhere you have a computer or smartphone.

Telehealth appointments can be very beneficial, if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is not convenient, or if you simply prefer this option.

In addition, our patient portal allows you to self-schedule an appointment directly online. All patient forms are completed online, and your entire session will take place online.

This form of psychological health care is best conducted with use of a video platform. There are many platforms out there offering sessions/therapy/teletherapy/telehealth, and similar services that use phone and text modalities. While this may be a fitting option for some patients, video is required for our appointments. Phone contact is essential for addressing potential connection issues, but sessions will be face to face…an essential feature of successful and effective psychological health care. Face-to-face connection in sessions is the foundation of outcomes that may be consistent with the outcomes of in-person/in-office sessions.

Explore the site to learn more, get started with virtual therapy, or message with any questions you may have about beginning the process of treatment via TelePsychology.