Self Care & Between Sessions

Free resources and online options are widely available for these areas of focus and self-care. 

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Relaxation

♦Repetition to generate a learned, relaxation response is key to effectiveness.♦

Guided meditation/imagery by Belleruth Naperstek – Available on a variety of music and media apps.

For individuals with conservative Christian views who may prefer an alternate option. “My mouth shall speak wisdom; The mediation of my heart shall be understanding.” Psalm 49:3

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

aka: PMR, may also benefit patients in developing relaxation abilities.


20 Best Yoga YouTube Channels

Yoga with Adriene

Example of a free online resource for beginners with emphasis of yoga for stress, anxiety, sleep, etc.

Self-Talk & Self-Care

Sleep Hygiene – Tips for Better Sleep

Integrative Apps & Resources – Also available as an App

Please feel free to make contact with your favorite recommended resources.

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